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Queen's Drive
Infant School

About Our School

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Welcome to Queen’s Drive Infant School!

We are an inner city infant school with approximately 265 pupils. There are 9 classes across the school with children in Reception, Year one and Year two.


KS1 – The school days starts at 9.00am until 12.00pm with a morning break. The afternoon session runs from 1pm until 3.15pm with a further break as needed.

Foundation Stage – Children can come into school from 8.45am and have lunch at 11.45am. The afternoon session is from 12.45 until 3.15pm. Children have opportunities for outdoor play during the day.

Classes – There are 9 classes…

Year 2 – Dolphins, Tigers, Giraffes

Year 1 – Squirrels, Rabbits, Owls

Foundation Stage – Bumble Bees, Ladybirds, Caterpillars

Parents are always welcome to talk to school staff in the morning about any issues or queries or can arrange a time after school.

Collective worship our weekly assembly programme starts with Head teacher assembly on Monday, year group and birthday assembly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Celebration assembly on Friday.