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Queen's Drive
Infant School

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Queen’s Drive Infant School are committed to promoting equality for all and we have published our equality objectives. These objectives are then monitored regularly and reviewed every 4 years.

These are:

  • To narrow the gap between boys and girls in Maths in Greater depth at the end of KS1 (ensuring that the Maths curriculum and teaching meets the needs of more able girls, ensuring that their self esteem is high)
  • To narrow the gap in Reading between children from specific minority backgrounds and non EAL pupils at the end of KS1 (developing strategies to further support reading at home and targeting teaching to ensure our EAL pupils are develooping Reading skills in line with their peers)
  • To promote the development of spiritual and cultural traditions of our community (ensuring that school events and celebrations fairly represent children and their families from different communities and faiths)
Set in 2017 by the Equality working group

We welcome the views of all stakeholders and hope that we can work together to achieve our objectives. If you would like more information or would like to see the full policy please contact the school office and an appointment to speak to Mrs. Skinner will be made for you.

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