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Queen's Drive
Infant School

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Geography at Queen's Drive Infant School

Vision – To inspire the children’s curiosity, fascination and knowledge about the world, and to promote a love and respect for our world and what they can do to protect it

Our Geography work is taught through cross-curricular topics that are planned using the National Curriculum 2014.

The topics are structured across KS1 to build on the learning in the EYFS. They allow the children to develop their awareness and understanding of the world around them, starting with our school grounds and local area, and then comparing this to other places near Peterborough, in the UK and the rest of the world. The children will also find out about the impact humans have on the natural world, and ways they and others can help to look after our world.

By the end of KS1, children are expected to be able to ask and answer questions using geographical vocabulary about their local area and the features found there, and be able to describe similarities and differences to other places in the UK and around the world. Children will be able to discuss and demonstrate ways that they and others can respect and protect our world around us.

Core Books

'Up, up, up' – Susan Reid, 'What a wonderful world' – Bob Thiele, 'Belonging' – Jeannie Baker, ‘Storm Whale’ Benji Davies, 'The Hodgeheg' – Dick King Smith, 'Where the forest meets the sea’ – Jeannie Baker, ‘The Great Explorer’ – Chris Judge



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