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Queen's Drive
Infant School

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Physical Education at Queen's Drive Infant School

Vision - For all children to be inspired to be physically active to live a healthy lifestyle through our diverse physical education curriculum

Our PE curriculum is taught through Gymnastics, Dance, Games, multi-skills and swimming. These are taught by using the Val Sabin Games, Gym and dance units that are linked to the National Curriculum (2014). The units are structured to coincide with topics or events within school. The units from EYFS - year 2 are progressive and show how skills are developed by each year group. Each unit is adaptable to ensure that all children are included and challenged to their own abilities.

Country dancing during sports week

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By the end of KS1, children are expected to be able to work as a team, develop own thoughts and link movements and ideas together to form a sequence.

We are part of the global initiative 'The daily mile' where children are able to participate in walking, jogging or running for 15 minutes. We try to do a 'daily mile' whenever we can!


                               P.E KS1 BBC Bitesize               Teddy Bear Challenge