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Queen's Drive
Infant School


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At Queen’s Drive, we love learning! We work really hard at teaching basic skills – learning to read, write, count and calculate.
We provide a well planned, structured curriculum that gives the opportunity to apply these skills, investigate and explore a range of topics and to build knowledge over the three years at Queen's Drive. Topics are fun and experience rich with many opportunities for hands on learning.

In KS1, Maths and English, the 2014 National curriculum Primary framework is followed with creative topic work each half term.
Please see the long term plans to see how the school teaches our exciting and diverse curriculum.

Phonics teaching is a major focus across the school. In Phonics, we use ‘READ WRITE INC’ in line with the National Curriculum. Children are taught in daily phonics sessions across the school. Through these sessions, they are taught the key skills of blending and segmenting to read and write words. They can then learn to apply this knowledge throughout the curriculum.

Children take home RWI home book bag books and read texts from RWI in school. These are matched to their phonics knowledge. Once off the programme they access books from a range of authors and schemes. Children read regularly at school both individually and in guided reading sessions and are also encouraged to practise reading at home. Children are read to regularly each day during story time, The Write Stuff and Topic lessons. We know the importance of listening to stories and encourage parents to read to their children at home.

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum please visit the specific subject pages or contact the Curriculum leaders Mrs Skinner and Mrs Talbot

Pupils receive extra support as and when needed for gifted and talented, special needs and underachieving or vulnerable learners using resources including Pupil premium and SEN funding. Please contact Mrs Bloor or Mrs Talbot if you feel that your child may need additional support. 

Please click on the link below to view the National Curriculum Primary Framework