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Queen's Drive
Infant School

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We welcome views from our parents – please write comments and questions and post in the box in the foyer.

Safeguarding our children is of the utmost importance at Queen’s Drive and school staff are trained in child protection and e-safety. If you have any concerns please contact the Head teacher. For further information please visit or websites.

Here are some FAQs that you might find useful.

How do I know how my child is getting on at school?

Teachers are available informally each day at the start and end of school. Parent consultation evenings are also held in the Autumn and Spring terms, with a report in the Summer term.

How will I know what events are happening in school?

Letters are sent out regularly via parentmail and uploaded to our website. They are also put up on notice boards at each end of school.

How will I know about transition from one year group to another?

As children are ready to move into Year one, parents will have the opportunity to attend an information session about KS1. There is an opportunity for parents of Year 2 children to learn about SATS tests and tasks in a further session.

Where is it safe to park near school?

Parking is very limited near the school so we advise parents to walk their children to school wherever possible. Parents are NOT able to access Queen's Drive West at drop off / collection times. Limited parking in Queen’s Drive West is available but be aware of the restrictions. Park Crescent and All Saints Road are a short walk from the school and less busy.  Please see the attachment for ideas about where you could park at busy collection times.