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History At Queen's Drive

Vision – To develop a curiosity about the past, developing knowledge of events and people through hands-on exploration

Our History work is taught through cross-curricular topics that are planned using the National Curriculum 2014.

The topics are structured across KS1 to build on learning in the EYFS of basic concepts and vocabulary of time to develop greater understanding of chronology and events and people from the past.

They allow children in Years 1 and 2 to develop historical enquiry and our aim is to make history 'come alive' with many hands-on experiences.

   Victorian trip photos


By the end of KS1, children are expected to know about some famous events and people, can ask and answer questions using appropriate historical vocabulary and can describe similarities and differences between ways of life at different times.

Core Books

'Titch' - Pat Hutchins, 'Old Bear' - Jane Hissey, 'If the dinosaurs came back', 'Vlad and the Great fire' - Kate Cunningham, 'The Great fire of London' - Emma Adams, 'Mr Fawkes, the king and the gunpowder plot' - Tom Bradman,  'Victoria' - Damian Harvey, 'Queen Victorias bathing machine' - Gloria Whelan, 'Lost in the toy museum' - David Lucas, 'What makes me a me' - Ben Faulks, 'Mrs Armitage on wheels' - Quentin Blake

Little people, big dreams series


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